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Hello pretties,

I’m back with a new post, obviously haha! Well it’s that time of year again… BACK. TO. SCHOOL. {insert sad face} Today I have brought you guys 2 back to school outfit idea’s, some of you may have already started school or are just about to. But either way these are cute and affordable outfit idea’s for back to school or just in general. These outfits are something I would have definitely wore in high school. They are cute, comfortable, and casual! I hope you guys like them as much as I do!!

Outfit #1: Cute & Comfy

Top: Wet Seal

Shorts: Wet Seal

Shoes: Peebles

This outfit in my option is perfect for back to school just because it is still extremely hot outside. Two days ago it was 91 degrees and tomorrow it will be in the 70’s, definitely, i’m ready for fall weather and done with this crazy summer heat. Anyways if your school is strict with the length of shirts then throw a cardigan or kimono over top,it will still look super cute and comfy with the flowy shorts.


Outfit #2:  Casual & Cute

Top: Hollister

Pants: JC Penny

Earrings: Target

Shoes: Target

This outfit is casual but yet cute. The olive green pants are probably not the best for a hot day but they sure are comfortable, not like normal jeans but definitely have the stretch  like leggings so jeggings? The sandals have a floral print that I am in love with, love floral! And my earrings are of course from target, have a little obsession with target you guys will soon realize that . They were on clearance for 2 dollars, how could I pass that up? My hair is in two french braids on each side then put it in a low bun.



Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed these outfits! I will be sure too post more very soon. Hope you have a great rest of your day!! If you have any blog post idea’s or just want to chat let me know in the comments below or email me at

Love, Alexa 💋

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